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Welcome to Tartin3.com, the French cuisine search engine

Tartin3 is a prototype search engine. Instead of delivering millions of generic results, Tartin3 focuses on the buzz from local bloggers, chefs, and reviewers. Feedback is aprreciated: send us feedback.

By the way, the name was supposed to be Tartine, but I couldn't get the name and tried Tartin3. I know it doesn't really work. We'll be launching a new site with expanded regions and a much better name soon.

Welcome to TARTIN3

TARTIN3 is a French Cuisine search engine that finds reviews, recipes, and local buzz from the bloggers, chefs, and reviewers in Paris. TARTIN3 is powered by Yahoo! BOSS Search. Try V3GGIE, the vegetarian search engine.

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TARTIN3 is an uber beta product by Ted Drake. Also try Paris Vegetarian for Paris restaurant reviews and information, Paris Insider Food and V3GGIE the vegetarian search engine. Copyright 2008-2021